Invasive species threaten our wildlife and pets.

Pull them now!

 On February 17, for the third year, volunteers gathered to remove invasive non-native plants in the Los Osos area.  A second plant, devil’s thorn, was added to the target list this year.  CLO’s director, Pandora Nash-Karner, oriented the group to identifying the plants and removal techniques.   Some of the information covered follows.

Sahara mustard and devil’s thorn are highly invasive weeds that out compete our native plants. Our local birds and animals depend on native plants and the native insects they attract. Even your dog will thank you for pulling these weeds out of your yard!

Both plants are relatively new to our town, and there is a very good probability that they can be eradicated before they grow out of control. We need your help before they infest the Green Belt, the Elfin Forest, Sweet Springs and Montaña de Oro.

Left unchecked, Sahara mustard will eliminate every other plant in its path. Devil’s thorn seeds can get between your dog’s toes, causing a great deal of pain—and will readily puncture a bicycle tire.

One mustard plant can produce 16,000 seeds. Devil’s thorn also seeds prolifically, and it grows a deep taproot, which needs to be pulled up or the plant will return.

USE GLOVES to uproot these weeds, and dispose of both types in either green or gray waste bins. Do not leave yanked weeds on the ground, or they will still make and disperse their seeds. There are no native plants that look like these, so don’t worry about pulling the wrong plant!

This year’s volunteer weed pullers included; Bob Conlen, Jillian Dubois, Susan Gordan, JoAnn Hansen, Kathy Hennekey, Mike and Judy Miller, Melissa Mooney, Pandora Nash-Karner, Cindy Roessler, Colleen Stuart, Bonnie Thompson, Lynette Tornatzky, John and DeAnn Troutner, Alice Welchert, Suzanne Werner, Mimi Whitney, and Marilyn Wills: and about an additional  dozen who did not sign in, we thank you also.  See Pics

Funding for the event publicity was provided by Morro Bay National Estuary Program.