On Jan 28, 2017 a second year of our War On Sahara Mustard was launched with 32 volunteers meeting at the Red Barn.  Orientation included an introduction to the plants, location assignments, distibution of trash bags and location of the dumpster.  The groups worked hard and succeed in filling the dumpster with bags bulging with the invasive weed.  Further good news is that the limited number of sites of weed pulling last year resulted in very few, and sometimes no, new weeds this year at those sites.  The strategy is working, with lots of hard work by volunteers.  Just wait till next year for our continuing War on Sahara Mustard: Let’ Pull Together.

This years volunteers included:  Steve Best, Jen Carroll, Faylla Chapman, Cindy Dietrick, Anthony Frere, Jennifer Frere, Adrienne Frere, Eric Heeren, Lilah Green, Annette Kennedy, Sierra Kocian, Tony Lindstrom, Laurie McCombs, Susan McTaggert, Richard Mazehov, Kathleet Mittugh, Pandora Nash-Karner, Ted Oliver, Leslie Rotstein, Skip Rotstein, Tony Salome, Bonnie Thompson, Lynette Tornatsky, Andy Wallace, Alicia Welchert, Tony Wiech, and Annie Wiech.  Click here to see Photos.

We thank them all and appologize for not getting the names of every one.  If you would like your name added or your listed name has an error use our email access by clicking on Get Involved.

Photo by  Lynette Tornatsky