Photos: Pandora Nash-Karner

Saturday June 18, 2016 Celebrate Los Osos volunteers placed six permanent signs around Cuesta Inlet.  While the inlet is private property, the owners have been VERY generous, for decades, to allow people use the 11 acres to launch and store their small sailboats, kayaks and canoes.  All they ask in return is for people to license their boats, label them with contact information and pick up after their dogs.  A very nice trade off don’t you think?

Thank you to all the volunteers who made the project possible:  Mandy Ward and Vince, Richard Mazeroff, Sterling and Susan Winchester, Ellie Malykont, Tony Salome, Pandora Nash-Karner, Eric Tingloff, Michael Jump and our concrete hero, David Doust!.  Here are some pictures of the installation.