In 2011 we asked the County to plant 12 California Live Oaks at the corner of Los Osos Valley Road and South Bay Blvd, with the promise that our volunteers would water them until they could survive on their own.  Unfortunately, we couldn't have picked a worse time:  after five years of drought our volunteers are still toting gallons of water to those unhappy oak trees every summer from June through November.  Several trees have died, some are struggling, a few have flourished.  

Here are some of our valiant volunteers celebrating the end of another watering season.  Pictured in the first picture, left to right, are: Gene and Barbara Heyer, Lisa Wallender, Ric Deschler, Don Bearden, Faylla Chapman, and Shirley Stroup.  Others who volunteered over the years are:  Jennifer Foronjy, Alissa Feldman, Phil Moores, Paul Malykont, Carol & Rod Baker, Karen O'Donnell and Kyle Armstrong. Behind the group in the second picture is our most successful and very healthy oak tree.