On February 25, 2015, somebody vandalized the iconic South Bay Blvd bear statue by breaking off the snout and destroying the solar panel controls.  One of our volunteers, John Zweemer, noticed it the next day.  This was the second incident of vandalism to the bear.  Two weeks before someone had stolen the solar panel that volunteer Gary Dove had installed with support from Los Osos Rotary.  We reported the vandalism to the Sheriff's office, who put out a $1,000 reward through Crime Stoppers.  

Almost immediately,  a Los Osos father and son duo contacted the Los Osos Chamber of Commerce and Celebrate Los Osos and volunteered to repair the bear.  Dave Doust is a specialist in creating concrete water features and his son Kyle is a special effects artist specializing in mold-making, sculpting, and casting.  Between the two of them they had all the skills necessary to repair the bear.  Miner's Hardware donated the cost of the materials they needed.  They spent several days working on the bear and the results were spectacular!  Contributions poured into the Chamber office, so Gary Dove will be able to replace the solar system and lighting.

This was a wonderful example of Los Osans working together for the good of our community.  We bearly have the words to express our thanks.  Congratulations to everyone who helped and contributed to bringing our bear back.  Go to Photos