Thirty-seven (or so) energetic Celebrate Los Osos volunteers turned out to paint the newly-reconstructed Baywood Pier over four days in December.  Under the expert leadership of Baywood Navy’s Admiral Tim Frein, our volunteers put on two coats of primer followed by a coat of nautical blue paint.  Although we had to postpone initially because of rain, the four days devoted to painting were warm and sunny.

The volunteers were:

December 12:  Charmaine Henderson, Ed Gelb, Sue McGinty, Sheila Clark, Chuck Mills, Richard Mazerov, John Zweemer and Billy Burke.

December 13:  Lorelei Eggli, Steve Hendricks, Sheila Clark, Tom & Laurie Wright, Annette Kennedy, and Vicki Milledge.

December 17:  Cheryl & Bryson Ruck, David Hunter, Ryan and Hazel Hubbard, Kim Hampton, Tanny Koeppel, Don & Fran Coye, Alexis & Mariel Olds, Cliff Thompson, and Stanley Stern.

December 18:  George Machenko, Tanny Koeppel, Annette Kennedy, Lynette Tornatsky, Myron & Susan Hood, Coral Minton, Sarah Halpern, and Sharon & Mike Sheltzer.

We apologize for not getting a picture of a couple of volunteers.  If there are any errors, such as misspelling a name or not including you, let us know at

To see pictures of our enthusiastic volunteers in action, go to Photos.