Since our start in 2008, Celebrate Los Osos has:

  • repaired, refurbished and repainted the two bear statues at the entrances to Los Osos/Baywood Park (2008) - Photos
  • painted the Little League Snack Shack (2008) - Photos
  • replanted the divider in front of the California State Oaks Preserve on Los Osos Valley Road with drought tolerant plants (2008) - Photos
  • replaced the fence and planted new trees at the Los Osos Community Park (2008 & 2009) - Photos
  • lighted the welcome sign and bear on Los Osos Valley Rd at the town entrance whose electricity is generated by solar panels and stored in batteries (2010)
  • replanted the divider on Los Osos Valley Road with drought tolerant plants and a new drip irrigation system (2010) - More Info
  • produced the Back Bay Music Festival, a fund raiser for Celebrate Los Osos (2010) - More Info
  • cleaned up the Cuesta Inlet by removing derelict and abandoned boats and trailers (2010 & 2011 & 2015) - More Info
  • planted, in cooperation with the County Department of Public Works, and will maintain, 12 coastal live oaks at LOVR and South Bay Blvd (2012) - More Info
  • several Celebrate Los Osos volunteers joined the Baywood Navy on August 16 to help repaint the Baywood pier in preparation for Boatzart 2012.  To read about the saga of the pier go to Baywood Navy and click on "History" on the left of the page. (2012) Photos
  • restored the two iconic Los Osos Welcome signs on LOVR and South Bay Blvd.. Sean Beauchamp of Southpaw Signs volunteered to supervise the restoration. The signs were removed and transported to a restoration shed.  Celebrate volunteers sanded, glued, and rotary ground the signs in preparation for the restoration. Beauchamp redid the lettering and local muralist Rebecca McFarland restored the artwork. The signs were remounted in June 2014      (2013/14)  - Photos
  • with the completion of the laying of Los Osos’s street sewer pipes a thank you party was given for the workers on March 25.  around 300 workers and community folks attended. (2014)  More Info
  • repaired and restored vandalized South Bay Blvd. bear statue and lighting equipment.  Worked with Los Osos Chamber of Commerce to repair South Bay Bear statue and install new solar lighting system (2015) More info 
  • launched a multi-element publicity effort to inform the community of the spread of an invasive plant, Sahara mustard, and encourage all Los Osans to remove these plants anywhere in their vicinity.  (2016)  More info
  • installed six permanent signs at Cuesta Inlet informing inlet users of their responsibilities for the privilege of using this private property. (2016) More info
  • restored the Portola’s Sacred Expedition Community Mural. (2016)             More info
  • worked to erradicate invasive Sahara mustard weeds. (2016,'17 & ‘18)        More info
  • supported writing and publication of Images of America, Los Osos/Baywood Park, a picture history of our community by Lynette Tornatsky. (2016)  More info
  • Installed benches at Midtown Restoration Site (formerly known as the Tri-W site) and at the Pasadena Drive Coastal Access in Baywood Park. (2017) More info
  • Installed natural and cultural history interpretive sign at the Pasadena Drive Coastal Access site. (2018) More info

We have worked cooperatively with the County Department of Public Works, County Department of Parks, County Code Enforcement, Sheriff's Department, California Fish and Game, the Morro Bay Estuary Program, Los Osos Community Services District, as well as local service organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce and the Baywood Navy.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer send us an email, using the contact form on the left.  Include your name, email address, phone number, and how you would like to be involved or any special skills that you can offer. 

Formerly Los Osos Community Organization (LOCO), we are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.