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In 1989 a small group of people serving on the Chamber's “Bear Committee” grew impassioned about creating public projects focused on local history.  Their first two projects were the murals La Cañada de Los Osos (the bear mural) and Chumash Bear Dance (the Indian mural).

By 1992 the group formed the Los Osos Community Organization (LOCO) and established a corporation that then produced Portola’s Sacred Expedition Community Mural (the Spanish mural).  See mural photos.

For two decades LOCO created murals, ran fun runs, organized Holiday Parades, re-furbished the Los Osos Schoolhouse Float built from the 1969 Los Osos Bicentennial Float, and obtained and hung an historic bell in the original schoolhouse.  Funding for the organization came from local businesses and individuals who often paid generously for the opportunity to get dirty and sweaty.

Now the proud LOCO tradition of improving public spaces has been passed on to Celebrate Los Osos.